R&D Laboratory

Study of new solutions and processes

The company's vision aims to develop innovative and high-performance processes that also protect the environment. for the protection of future generations.

The innovation that has always driven Valmet Plating

This approach completes Valmet Plating’s never-ending aim for innovation. Innovation and safety therefore constitute the two central aspects of our development activity, an activity which takes into account the expectations of consumers – in terms of aesthetic performance and durability of the products – but also of those of the users of the baths, the operators of electroplating companies, in terms of safety and performance of the solutions we develop.

The R&D Laboratory carries out an intense research activity which focuses on the selection of substances for a continuous improvement of healthiness in the workplace in which the processes are used; on reducing the environmental impact of end-of-life processes and on improving technological performance.

The search for new aesthetically appealing innovative colors and finishes is also constantly evolving. The collaboration with universities and research centers mainly takes the form of instrumental tests for the adaptation of processes and the verification of the relative functional performances.



of new electroplating baths, base treatments intermediate substrates and final depositions.


of products at the customer’s request.


of manufacturing processes.


of new colour applications.


for galvanical baths or processes

Our patents

Patent IT201700084504A1

Patent WO2014111761

New colors of precious metals

New colors for deposits containing Ruthenium

Partnership with

Since 2015, research collaboration programmes have been launched with the University of Florence and the University of Tuscia. In both cases, the objective is to identify new electroplating technologies capable of improving the performance, safety and durability of the electroplating baths. The research path is carried out jointly, within a framework of total synergy and of skill sharing between our laboratory staff and the university researchers.

The result of this collaboration will mainly be new patents that will give life to even more effective and useful products for electroplating companies specialised in the fashion sector.

Research projects

Valmet Plating and research that looks to the future

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