Management & Sales Office

Emanuele Pallotti


The Legal Representative & Sales Director

Laura Stecchini


Front office and administration

Laboratiry manager

Ester Falletta

R&D Manager

Head of Accelerated Corrosion Test Laboratory and Imaging Laboratory. Graduated in Chemistry of Materials.
More than 10 years of experience in the management of analysis and testing laboratories on metal accessories and in Research and Development in the field of electrochemical deposition of metals.

Alberto Giuliani

Laboratory Manager.

A chemistry graduate with over 10 years of experience in analysis and analytical development laboratories.

Ornella Lopilato

Laboratory Technician

Senior Analyst and Instrumentation Manager. A chemistry graduate with over 10 years of experience in the electroplating field. She is in charge of instrumentation management, data analysis and validation.


Marco Cioni

Laboratory Technician

Junior Analyst. Junior Analyst. Employed with tasks of analysing deposition tests and data validation.

Francesco Sarti

Laboratory Technician

Junior Analyst. A chemistry graduate. Employed with data analysis and processing tasks. Specialized in analytical development.

Gemma Grossi

Laboratory Technician

Employed with the tasks of carrying out corrosion tests on metal accessories and supporting the ISO 9001 quality management system

Martina Moncelli

laboratory technician

Graduated in chemistry, Junior analyst, employed with tasks of data processing and validation and analysis of deposition tests

Andrea Comparini

industrial reasearcher

A chemistry graduate with specialisation in electrochemistry. PhD student and industrial researcher.

Roberta Emanuele

industrial researcher

Graduated in chemistry, professional training in electrochemistry. Specialized in the management and development of research projects

Production & logistics

Samuele Bussetti

Commercial and Production Management

A chemistry graduate. Production manager and TSA (Technical Sales Assistant), with ten years of experience in the sector (Central North Area). In possession of a toxic gas licence.

Ivan Del Pace

Technical area management and R&D manager

A chemistry graduate. DPM Product Manager and TSA, with twenty years of experience in the sector (Central South Area). In possession of an ADR driving licence and a toxic gas licence.

Cristiano Crivellaro

Area Manager North Italy

Head of the Galvanic Division for 15 years and Head of the Galvanic Department for 8 years. In possession of a toxic gas license.

Fabrizio Senzacqua

Senior TSA

Technical and Sales North Centre Italy

Francesco Tronci

Senior TSA

Technical Sales Assistant

Nicholas Magnolfi

Senior TSA

Technical Sales Assistant

Roberto Lenzi

Logistics Manager

Production and purchasing department manager. In possession of a toxic gas licence.

David Salvatori

Logistics officer

Warehouse and transport worker. Over ten years of experience and in possession of an ADR, A, B, C driving license.

Pietro Giovanchelli


A warehouse worker, he deals with management and logistics, coordinates with the warehouse manager and provides support for controlling and organising the activities envisaged by his department, also supporting laboratory requirements.