Checks on systems

to never interrupt
the production cycle

Checks and analyzes directly on customer systems. A service designed to ensure maximum production performance without interrupting production

Checks and tests on the plants allow our customers to always have their galvanic plants at their peak performance. The use of galvanical solutions, over time, can cause a reduction in their performance, slow down storage times or worsen their quality.
The verification service that is conducted directly on the systems is designed to keep the performance of the galvanical baths constant.

The internal division that deals with the service is made up of specialized technicians who know the reaction of galvanic solutions, their duration over time and the level of resistance according to how they are used. This experience makes it possible to speed up the verification phase, also thanks to the collaboration with the Valmet Plating laboratory which has developed a flow dedicated to verifications on systems with response times reduced to a minimum.

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