new cyanide-free alkaline copper process
extremely versatile and easy to use

EcoLink is the new cyanide-free alkaline copper process.
It is an economical and ecological alternative to traditional cyanide-containing processes.
Its strengths are its exceptional penetrating power, which guarantees the achievement of complete, coherent and uniform coverage, and its brilliance.

Used as a frame on brass, aluminum or zamak items, it offers high yields and, given its brilliance, allows subsequent deposition times in acid copper baths to be reduced. Ecolink has a wide operational window, and therefore is also characterized by its stability and ease of management. The deposits obtained with EcoLink are uniform, fine-grained, ductile and adherent.

cyanide-free alkaline copper


Deposits obtained with EcoLink are uniform, fine-grained, ductile and adherent, creating an extremely versatile and easy-to-use process.

the advantages of green cycle


- Sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative

- Greater safety for operators

Excellent penetrating power

- Better distribution and greater uniformity compared to traditional cyanide-based systems

- High yields even with complex piece geometries

Easy process water treatment

- simple and effective waste treatment at a reduced cost

- No hypochlorite-based abatement and no associated risk of accidents caused by chlorine gas
- Free from strong complexing agents (such as EDTA or pyrophosphates)

Ease of use

- Ideal for frame applications

- Possibility of insertion in traditional lines


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