As bright and white as
a comet

Comet is a process developed for aesthetic purposes to obtain a total white.

Comet was born from research aimed at developing a decorative deposition with a very white finish, containing platinum and ruthenium. It is no coincidence that its name recalls the brightness of a comet. It is a process that mainly addresses the sectors of costume jewellery and fashion accessories since it is particularly suitable for objects in silver and brass.

Its main features are’non-toxic, inexpensive, resistant to abrasion,easy-to-strip,direct application silver jewellery. Comet offers a very white finish, both resistant and currently inexpensive, whose qualities allow broadening the range of possibilities, especially for stylists. In this regard, thanks to its aesthetic affinities, Comet is also an excellent solution as an alternative to palladium depositions.

The main features of Comet are


After Comet, we have developed Artiko PT, a process that ensures a total white also on gold jewellery

Both Comet and Artiko PT are two aesthetic depositions to obtain the colour of white. These are two processes created mainly to counter the phenomenon of the soaring cost of metals, in particular of palladium and rhodium. The former is mostly used for fashion accessories and costume jewellery, while the latter is used in gold jewellery with the common goal of obtaining a very white finish.


The finish inspired by the glacial white of Artic

Artiko PT is the aesthetic deposition designed for gold jewellery.

The preciousness of high-quality gold jewellery, where the metal is often accompanied by precious stones, made it necessary to develop the Artiko PT process. A plating whose aesthetic effect is comparable to rhodium plating, but whose costs are more competitive.

The characteristics of Artiko PT are that it produces glossy and specular thicknesses up to half a micron, it is extremely white, inexpensive and sustainable, it has a low concentration of platinum in solution and already works at room temperature.
It is also extremely easy to manage. da gestire.

The main features of Artiko PT are:


Easy to strip
Free from toxic metals
High resistance to corrosion

artiko pt

Extremely white (L*=88-90)
Often up to 0.5 micron
Up to 10 times cheaper than Rhodium

Skin Resistance to Moist Heat - 96 ore
(UNI EN ISO 4611)

Ruthenium (0,08 µm)/Palladium – Nickel (0,20 µm)/Nickel (15 µm)/Brass

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