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Tell us about your needs, problems you have to solve or doubts related to your production steps. We will get back to you within one working day indicating the best course of action according to our experience and the knowledge of our laboratory team.

We have set up an initial assistance and technical advice service aimed at providing you with precise indications of problems to be solved or doubts to be dispelled.

Fill in the form below and tell us your doubts. Reporting is very quick and involves filling in only a few fields. The message will be sent directly to our laboratory team, which will provide you with an initial answer to your questions within one working day.

The response may be timely or, if the problem is complex, it may involve a telephone interview or a request for more details.

The service is designed to speed up the resolution of certain critical issues inherent in the accessory production cycle, from base material to finished product.

The consultancy and technical support services we offer include: technical consultancy, defect analysis, quality control, testing and regulatory advice.

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we will take care of your request within one working day