Analysis laboratory

The heart of our company

A team dedicated to the control and continuous improvement of chemical processes.

A tailor-made consultancy and design service. so you can count on a galvanic plant designed specifically for your needs

The experience we have gained in the galvanic sector, as manufacturers of baths, analysts and consultants, has led us to form an internal team dedicated to consultancy and the design of galvanic plants.

Our team works to provide customers with tailor-made projects, designed starting from the expectations and production needs of the company. This approach allows customers to be able to count on a system which, in fact, was created to best respond to their specific needs.

Compared to the process that leads to a standard plant, our method provides for an initial consultancy phase aimed at clearly defining the expected production volumes, the type of accessories or objects handled, the customer’s reference market, the budget and the available spaces disposition.

After this phase, the designers proceed with a general scheme of the system and with its subsequent design. The final result is therefore a system (not just a plant) designed to respond to the client’s flows and business plan. A real made-to-measure galvanic plant.


Initial analysis

Preliminary assessment of the customer's business type, objects to be galvanised, production flows and available spaces.


Initial design with search for the best suppliers for each part of the plant and presentation of the general project.


Detailed project definition and engineering. In this phase, if requested, we can also play the role of general contractor and follow the entire assembly part of the plant.