how to deposit layers of bright silver from cyanide-free solutions

EcoShield is a process that allows layers of brilliant silver to be deposited from cyanide-free solutions. Thanks to EcoShield, the high costs of treating cyanurated eluates can be eliminated. The process works at room temperature and its composition guarantees stability and constant operation. The deposit has a fine, smooth, dense grain, with reduced porosity, with uniform distribution in the low current density areas and excellent penetrating power. None of the compounds used in the bath contain toxic substances or additional metal ions such as antimony or selenium. The process is currently suitable for functional and technical applications (electronics), but can also find use in the decorative sector.

eliminates the high costs of treating cyanurated eluates


A process which, completely free of toxic substances and additional metal ions, is also used in the decorative sector.

the advantages of ECOshield


- Sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative

- Greater safety for operators

Excellent penetrating power

- Better distribution and greater uniformity compared to traditional cyanide-based systems

- High yields even with complex piece geometries

Easy process water treatment

- simple and effective waste treatment at a reduced cost

- No hypochlorite-based abatement and no associated risk of accidents caused by chlorine gas - Free from strong complexing agents (such as EDTA or pyrophosphates)

Ease of use

- Ideal for frame applications

- Possibility of insertion in traditional lines


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