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We were born to create chemical solutions for decorative electroplating, in particular for haute couture and the world of accessories.

We work to offer the best chemical solutions for electroplating baths. And we do this by following a path that has led us to study, invest and create a background of specific experiences in the haute couture sector. n our vision, the research and development activity plays a key role as it allows us to offer innovative solutions to specific requests, responding to needs and, sometimes, anticipating these.

The internal work cycle is completed with a scrupulous phase of analysis and testing, carried out entirely by the laboratory team, and designed to offer the widest guarantees in terms of duration, resistance and quality of the finishes.

This approach has allowed us to grow and become a specialised partner for all companies that offer electroplating services for the world of fashion and accessories. Today we are the direct interlocutors of those same brands that discovered our products for electroplating baths and consider them necessary for certain types of finishes.


The beauty of a surface is linked to the quality of t

Products and processes developed to ensure durability and aesthetic effect of the finishes

The quality of a finish, its shine and brightness are often linked to the preparation of an accessory. What you see is nothing more than the last phase of a longer process, which starts right from the pre-treatment. There are several variables which must be carefully considered, each of which contributes to ensuring the quality of the electroplating deposition.

The pre-treatment phase is therefore of enormous importance in a electroplating cycle. Often decisive for the final result of the finish and also essential for obtaining the desired effect on the surface, not only in terms of resistance but also in aesthetic terms.


so that a luxury product stays beautiful over time.

Solutions dedicated to the best structural guarantees for haute couture and luxury products

This family of products brings together solutions suitable for treating surfaces in order to protect them from wear and the corrosive effects caused by external agents. These are technologies that allow enhancing the final effect and obtaining the best resistance and duration features.

The treatments include finishes capable of guaranteeing the effects of brilliance, ductility and the ability to resist corrosive, wearing and staining agents. Furthermore, technical electroplating baths allow obtaining regular surfaces and thicknesses, necessary to homogeneously accommodate the further decorative finishes.

  • Ideal solution for hypoallergenic treatments as an alternative to Nickel.
  • Acid Copper: Excellent levelling effect and great shine.
  • Alkaline Copper: ensures excellent adhesion, necessary for items in Zamak.
  • Cyanide-free Alkaline Copper: ideal for the treatment of aluminium.
  • Satin Acid Copper: Valid alternative to satin nickel, for hypoallergenic finishes.
  • Different solutions capable of offering excellent guarantees in terms of surface brightness and levelling. Remarkable performance in terms of resistance to corrosion and to wear of the products.
  • Polished Nickel: Ideal process, both for barrel and rack processing, to ensure levelling and brightness on the entire surface of the product.
  • Satin Nickel: rack nickel plating process which produces satin, uniform and opaque decorative depositions. Excellent resistance to abrasion and fingerprints, anti-reflective surface effect and a wide range of shades.
  • Nickel Phosphorus: creates a “barrier” deposition which considerably reduces corrosion phenomena.
  • Chemical Nickel: Used to obtain uniform and non-porous depositions, it is perfect for those looking for a surface very resistant to corrosion.
  • Products designed for applications on plastic and created for the metallisation of materials such as ABS, ABS/PP and PP. Hue, shine and colour completely transform the plastic, making the item and its shape stand out.
    Chemical Copper
    Chemical Nickel
    Chemical Palladium
  • Ideal for the jewellery and eyewear sectors, in the fashion industry, but also in the automotive and engineering sector.
  • Yellow Bronze: the latest evolution in the field of bronze baths for decorative purposes. It deposits a yellow, uniform, levelled and bright alloy without traces of Lead.
  • White Bronze: s able to deposit perfectly shiny and brilliant ternary copper-tin-zinc alloys, for rack and barrel electroplating.
  • i.Met is a type of deposition which ensures great resistance and durability of the surfaces on which it is applied without the use of cyanides and with a reduction in the use of Palladium by up to 80%.
  • The depositions can be used directly as a finish on materials such as polished iron or polished nickel-plated iron but also as a substrate for further treatments such as blackening and subsequent uncovering.
  • Products for the deposition of thick hard chromium or for decorative purposes. The applications of the treatment mainly concern furniture, the bathroom fixtures industry and the automotive sector. The new Trivalent Chromium solutions, both white and black, also belong to this family.
  • By electroplating treatment of aluminium we mean a process which modifies the surface properties of the metal, both from an aesthetic and a structural point of view. In this regard, the R&D division has developed an innovative cyanide- and nickel-free cementation suitable for any type of aluminium.
  • For tin alloy deposition, with shades ranging from blue-white to gunmetal grey. Ideal for technical and decorative applications, especially in the lighting and furniture sectors.
    Tin-Cobalt: ideal for nickel-free applications


Innovative solutions for finishes and attractive effects constantly sought-after in the world of haute couture and luxury

This family of products brings together the best solutions for treatments resistant to wear and to corrosive effects caused by external agents.

These are finishes that allow obtaining shiny, opaque, satin, brushed, antiqued and aged depositions.

  • Processes designed to ensure prestigious depositions that require great resistance to wear and corrosion but also a perfect aesthetic result in terms of surface brightness and uniformity. There are several shades available, from pale gold to intense yellow.
  • Flash baths: allow recreating colours and shades which are usually unattainable and are completely customisable.
  • Thickness baths: allow obtaining thicknesses up to 3 microns without defects and cracks.
  • Low carat weights:ideal for meeting cost containment needs.
  • The whitest colour that can be obtained electrochemically. It is characterised by an exceptional brilliance and purity and can subsequently be treated for antiqued effects.
  • Electrolytes capable of depositing pure Palladium or Alloy Palladium. Extremely bright colours, with great resistance to wear and corrosion; particularly suitable both as a final colour and as a protective barrier.
    Palladium Nickel 80/20
    Antiallergenic Palladium Nickel 90/10
    Stainless Palladium (Nickel-free)
  • A process that allows the deposit of a substrate of pure platinum, with an extremely white and brilliant hue and a thickness which can reach up to one micron. The product is characterised by the very low content of Platinum in solution and the low operating temperature.
  • It has excellent penetration and colour characteristics, as well as an excellent easy management. Perfect shine, ideal for those looking for top aesthetic results.
    Artiko (White Rhodium)
    Artiko Black (Brilliant Black Rhodium)
  • It includes both acidic and alkaline electrolytes with which it is possible to obtain deposits from light grey to deep black, a shade that is not obtainable electrolytically otherwise.
    White Ruthenium from A = 75/65
    Black Ruthenium from A = 64/54
    I-Black Ruthenium from A = 45/42
  • Processes designed to create antique finishes through subsequent mechanical uncovering treatments.
    Smoke: Darkmet
    Black Gold: Black Palladium
  • A cataphoretic paint which, after firing, crosslinks producing a hard coating with excellent characteristics of thickness uniformity. Available in the transparent version or in different colours, it can be applied on automatic or manual electroplating systems.


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