Imaging Laboratory

Quality control in all phases

During and post-production

The imaging division carries out:

The high quality of the service offered by the Imaging Laboratory and its Team is also a fundamental resource for Research and Development, which uses the Imaging division to monitor and improve projects relating to creating new Products and Processes.


Saltwater corrosion resistance

Resistance to Salt Spray

Oxidation with Sulphur Dioxide

Resistance to atmospheric SO2NOx – China Test

Resistance to Thioacetamide

Resistance to Acidic Synthetic Perspiration

Resistance to Moist Heat

Skin Resistance to Moist Heat

Resistance to domestic and commercial washing

Resistance to dry cleaning

Resistance to chlorinated water

Weekly Nickel Release

Total content of Lead and Cadmium in metals

Total content of Lead and Cadmium in non-metals

Thermal Shock Resistance Test

Cross-cut adhesion test on an electroplated surface

Cross-cut adhesion test on a painted surface

Turbula abrasion test

Determination of Colorimetric Parameters (A*, a*, b*)

Surface investigation with Metallographic Microscope

XRF analysis

SEM-EDS analysis

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