POP treatment line by Valmet Plating

To galvanize plastic materials

Our process for galvanizing plastic materials

Recently developed and launched on the market, Valmet Plating’s POP process is achieving enormous success.
One more opportunity for style and plating offices that can now count on a reliable, stable and aesthetically perfect treatment.

Once the galvanization of plastic materials was a process intended only for certain market sectors. Above all, the automotive industry that mainly used chrome or nickel finishes, in some cases brands or footwear manufacturers that applied this treatment on heels and, beyond these two areas, the desert or almost.

The reason for such a limited diffusion was also linked to the limited range of effects that it was possible to obtain which ranged precisely from chromium to nickel and, in some cases, to gold.

In recent years, however, the world of high fashion and accessories in general has explored this world by requesting different solutions: more creative, stable, versatile. Hence the desire to do research in this direction and to invest in developing a process designed specifically to galvanize plastic materials specifically for the Fashion market.

Stable, reliable

A solution that allows to overcome most of the limits which previously bonded with galvanization of plastic materials.

The work of the R&D laboratory has led to the production of our nickel-free POP treatment line, optimized to overcome most of the limits previously linked to the galvanization of plastic. The manufacturing process is developed in two phases with a first chemical treatment necessary to create a surface microporosity on which then takes place the laying of autocatalytic palladium particles with a thickness of a few microns. At the end of this phase, however, the electrolytic cycle begins which develops in various processing steps: the first phase involves the electrolytic deposit of copper, which gives shine to the plastic support. Subsequently, the electrolytic deposit of nickel or bronze is started which protects the substrate from oxidation and allows the deposit of different subsequent treatments, which determine the final finish chosen by the customer which can also be coloured. The great element of novelty therefore is precisely the total versatility of our POP Line which allows for an extremely wide range of finishes which constitute a real creative and consequently galvanic tool for stylists.

POP features:

But what is POP in detail?

It is a process that can be applied to three types of plastic materials:

  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a thermoplastic used to create light and at the same time rigid materials which have the advantage of not catching fire (but melting) and easily allowing different types of processing.
  • Bayblend, a polymer obtained from a mixture of polycarbonate and ABS (PC/ABS), is a material capable of offering the same aesthetic results as ABS, but with a much higher degree of mechanical resistance thanks to the presence of polycarbonate.
  • PP or Polypropylene: it is a thermoplastic polymer with characteristics similar to ABS, basically rigid and heat resistant.


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