Meet i.Black

Black has never been so intense

A total and full black, never seen before. The new i.Black electroplating solution, developed in our laboratories, allows designers to reach a previously unimaginable level. An intense shade of black, the top for those who want a finish that is in line with the latest haute couture trends.

But i.Black also has a further added value, namely its versatility. In fact, the finish guarantees excellent results both in rack and barrel plating manufacturing processes, ensuring that the electroplating coatings can be applied in any context and on any type of accessory.

The blackest black you have ever seen

i.Black is a real revolution in the world of electroplating, a new opportunity for designers and stylists, in terms of aesthetic research but also of reliability over time. The best response to an increasingly evident trend in the universe of fashion accessories and style.

Three shades of black

A solution that allows modulating the degree of colour: from anthracite to total black.

Valmet bagni galvanici iBlack
Valmet bagni galvanici iBlack
Valmet bagni galvanici iBlack

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