Vintage effect palladium

An innovative solution for a trend that never wanes

A high-performance process born for a style that continues to be a must. Darkmet ensures high penetration and total safety, even for barrel plating treatments.

Since the Sixties and the Hippy culture, the distinctive elements of the vintage style – the combination of colours, surfaces that enhance the passage of time and the use of a garment – continue to constitute fundamental aspects for creating an accessory and are capable of identifying an entire collection.

For this reason, we have invested in the search for recognisable but new vintage finishes, able to offer innovative elements to creative talents and to propose a more contemporary and up-to-date vintage style to the market. But, above all, capable of being versatile and effective, that is, of being applied to different types of manufacturing processes, leaving designers – and companies in the supply chain – free to work without constraints.

This research led to the birth of Darkmet, a product created to combine all the charm of a retro style with great ease of use and total eco-friendly sustainability. Darkmet guarantees the final effect of pure palladium but with the typical texture of vintage finishes. The electroplating bath is applied extremely quickly (from 30″ to 1 minute 30″), guaranteeing high penetration and extreme flexibility, so much so that it can also be used for barrel plating processing.

Safe, eco-friendly
and patented

Darkmet is a fiercely innovative, green and patented solution. A bath that allows achieving a very high performance combined with total ease of use.

Valmet bagno galvanico Darkmet
Suffice it to say that high penetration can be achieved in total safety, both for the workers and for the environment, given the complete absence of toxic or harmful substances (such as lead and cadmium, cobalt or nickel). The final effect is that of palladium, with a unique vintage patina, very warm and defined. This marked effect is accompanied by great ease of application and a process that is very fast (from 30″ and 1 minute and 30″ at the most). The final aspect, which differentiates Darkmet from most vintage electroplating baths, is its versatility which also allows its perfect application in cases of barrel plating processing.

The features of Darkmet:

Darkmet patent application accepted

Since 25/01/2019 the cited patent application for the industrial invention no. 102017000084504 is accessible to the public and therefore the same (and subsequently the corresponding patent that will be granted) is enforceable against infringing third parties.


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