After Sales Assistance


You can count on the direct relationship with the internal staff that deals with technical support on Valmet Plating galvanic solutions
with remote and on-site support.

The after-sales service is mainly linked to the support necessary for the use of our galvanic solutions. The service we offer includes both remote assistance and on-site assistance, directly in the production lines. The customer care team is made up of specialized technicians who know all the characteristics of galvanic baths and are able to provide advice on their correct use or intervene to modify their composition for specific needs or to keep their performance intact.

The advantage of customers is twofold: on the one hand they know they can count on a division dedicated to them, with direct contact with the figures who have dealt with the production and often with the initial consultancy for the galvanic itself. In addition they have the certainty that by purchasing a Valmet Plating product they are not only buying a solution for their plating but they also have guaranteed a support service aimed at solving any problems or improving the performance of the bathroom itself.

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