Absolute protection, extreme brilliance

PalmetEco is the latest treatment to join the Horizon family. Its strong points, highlighted by various tests carried out in the laboratory and in production environments, are its great sustainability, its effectiveness and stability. The element that particularly characterizes it, however, is its aesthetic rendering, thanks to a unique brilliance that makes it one of the most requested treatments for high fashion or luxury accessories.

Shining protection

All the best of pure palladium (L=88) for a unique treatment, the subject of scientific publications and destined to change the market.

technical features

The peculiarity of PalmetEco is to create layers of palladium with a very compact crystalline lattice. This feature means that the deposit is extremely resistant to the accelerated aging tests required by brands, such as synthetic sweat, salt spray and moist heat with skin.

PalmetEco can therefore be used on fashion accessories, fashion jewelry, writing items and glasses, allowing them to look even more beautiful and giving them longevity and resistance.

The tests conducted in synergy with the Applied Electrochemistry Laboratory of the University of Florence highlighted the remarkable compactness and resistance of the treatment.

The results guaranteed by PalmetEco were presented during the Congress of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI) at Palazzo d’Avalos in Vasto (CH).


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