Valmet Plating is the synthesis of a lengthy experience gained in the chemical field, both in terms of research and of strategic expert advice services. The strength of the company is summarised in the development of solutions for technical and decorative electroplating.

A company founded on internal expertise and the ability to do research, anticipating trends in the Haute Couture sector. Valmet Plating started from this vision to position itself in the market as an ultra-specialised partner, thanks also to the presence of four internal laboratories and to a team strongly oriented towards innovation.

The objective, right from the company’s founding, has been to tackle the market in a precise manner: by ensuring the finishes of fashion accessories are real elements of style. A choice that in just a few years has allowed us to become a reference partner for electroplating companies and brands that choose our services to define processing and finishing processes as well as to experiment with new, complex and long-lasting effects.

A strategic role is played by the Research & Development division which constantly works to create new, sustainable and safe solutions. The growth in turnover and the consolidation of our market position has also allowed us to invest substantial resources in the network of laboratories which now represent the core of the company, an important added value and an element which distinguishes us from most of our competitors.

All these elements flow into our corporate identity which puts forward Valmet Plating as something other than a supplier of electroplating depositions, thanks to the constant collaboration with the University of Florence, to the two divisions which deal with plant design and expert advice and to the ability to communicate directly with the fashion brands that collaborate with Valmet Plating to identify specific decorative effects capable of making their accessories and, therefore, their collections, even more unique.


Valmet Plating specialises in chemistry applied to electroplating treatments, particularly in the world of haute couture and luxury

The company’s growth has been based on constant research and quality control as a central element of the entire work process. These two aspects have been developed above all by investing in the skills of our staff, in collaborations with institutions like the University of Florence and in a precise organization of internal workflows.


One of the main focuses of the company is research applied to sustainability. For this reason, the constant experimentation linked to defining safe and sustainable electroplating processes and baths from an environmental point of view is the guiding star of every research activity launched in recent years. It is no coincidence that the company has set up strategic collaborations with certification bodies in order to be, through its internal laboratories, in turn a reference point for those looking for a partner capable of guiding their customers towards ecological and sustainable practices and processes.


The constant search for innovative processes and solutions is the activity that the company carries out every day in its laboratories. But not only that.
This approach has also made it possible to offer quality testing services to companies and brands that request these. Research on the one hand, analyses on the other: anticipating trends therefore, and constantly monitoring the level and stability of the treatments provided.
A circular and continuous dynamic which puts forward the company as a partner for customers and not just as a simple supplier.


Sustainability is the real challenge that every company needs to tackle in this historic age. No longer a token sustainability but a true new way to operate on the market which must be authentic, demonstrable and certified.

This approach has also been adopted by Valmet Plating, where the use of all chemicals that can be dangerous for people’s health or the environment has been progressively reduced.
Apart from any sector regulations, the company philosophy has made authentic sustainability a cornerstone. The company’s goal has always been to go beyond the phenomenon of Green Washing (environmentalism as an element more of marketing than of substance) to instead initiate real dynamics of sustainability, control and safety. This vision has resulted in a comprehensive review of laboratory research workflows and objectives. This is how the international list of restricted substances – Manufacturing Restricted Substances List or MRSL – was born, the purpose of which is to instead inaugurate real dynamics of sustainability, control and safety. This vision has resulted in a comprehensive review of laboratory research workflows and objectives.

The result of this process, today leads fashion houses, or their direct suppliers, to turn to Valmet Plating to obtain analyses which certify compliance with the limitations imposed by the MRSL or the PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List).
These are often particularly complex assessments, necessary to truly ensure the correctness of processes and operations which are increasingly a discriminating factor for obtaining particularly prestigious or important job orders.


Over the last few years, a generalised attitude of protection for the well-being of mankind and the environment, for the safety of products and a products and development which takes into account not only the economic aspects but also respect for people and the environment has taken shape.

Sustainability report 2021

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One of the fundamental aspects of the company orientation is linked to the research to the research for the technologies with low environmental impact and for the use of processes without toxic or dangerous substances.

This approach completes Valmet Plating’s never-ending aim for innovation. Innovation and safety therefore constitute the two central pillars of its development activity, an activity that takes into account the expectations of fashion houses, electroplating companies and, now more than ever, of end customers who are increasingly aware of the importance of wearing hypoallergenic and safe clothes and accessories.
A central role from this point of view is played by the R&D Laboratory which carries out research activities mainly on publications and studies by the main centres around the world.
Its objective is to identify technologies which can be adapted to surface treatment and, above all, that are capable of bringing elements of innovation compared with current processes.
But not only that. The laboratory team in fact works to concretise the developments and possible applications of these technologies. This activity is carried out in collaboration with external bodies and universities, through physical and instrumental tests for adapting the processes and verifying the related functional performance.


The Research & Development division deals with:
Research:aimed at identifying innovative and sustainable processes and substances
Customisationof the processes based on the expected results
Fine-tuningof manufacturing processes
Developmentof new treatments and finishes
New patents

The division Research & Development deals with:

our history

the company's dynamism, the expertise of its people

A team with a lengthy professional history in an organised and flexible company



Valmet Spa is at the top of a network of companies made up of Valmet Plating Srl and Valmet Srl. The first company operates in the Haute Couture supply chain with products and services for processing accessories. The second one is active in the sector of precious metals, their recovery and as a multiservice provider in the waste management cycle.
The group of companies has achieved a consolidated turnover of €50 million, differentiating the business areas and marking a constant growth in all the sectors in which it is active.
Valmet currently operates with four production sites, between the Florentine district and the fourth in Mozzanica (BG) for the treatment of WEEE, four chemical laboratories serving the group and companies in the sector and a total workforce of 40 internal employees.

Specialised in the production of chemical treatments for processing valuables and haute couture accessories.

Versatility and in-depth knowledge of complex and delicate processes.

Expert advice and services for the management of special waste disposal.

Recovery of precious metals from different types of materials such as industrial waste, goldsmiths, galvanic waste all containing precious metals.


Through the activity of the Metal Bank the Valmet group offers itself in a market reserved only for very few companies on the national territory A complex sector in which each player must ensure scrupulously traced workflows, certifications and total reliability.

Marketing of precious metals

Marketing of precious metals has always characterised the activity of the Valmet group. At the beginning as an intermediary, then as an actual Metal Bank, acquiring autonomy and specific skills, over time the company has achieved its position in the sector of the sale of valuables.

Today Valmet Srl holds a public security licence for possessing and trading valuables and it is registered with the Bank of Italy. This registration makes it subject to a whole series of obligations and controls aimed at hindering money laundering, illicit trafficking and illegal processing of metals. While Valmet Srl initially marketed jewellery for the Florence and Tuscan gold and silversmith industry, today the liveliest sector is the electroplating technique due to the high demand for jewellery used for decorative purposes.


Valmet’s Metal Bank activity is the service the company offers its customers once it has procured the valuables. But how does the purchasing of this raw material take place? It is by putting ethics first that the company assesses, chooses and finally buys precious metals. It is only after verifying that these do not come from illicit trafficking, from activities that disrespect human rights – including the exploitation of labour in the fields where they are extracted – and from activities harmful to the environment, such as the adoption of highly polluting extraction systems, that Valmet Srl makes its choices. This has led to the company achieving a well-defined position from an ethical point of view in the metal trading market.

Transformation into salts

In addition to marketing, Valmet Srl also deals with transforming metals into salts through processes aimed at ensuring the high quality of the final chemical product. It is starting from the awareness that a metal is never perfectly pure, but, even when possessing a good percentage of purity, always contains alloy metals and pollutants which can affect its good use and therefore the technical application for which it is intended, that Valmet subjects the valuables in question to dedicated and accurate analytical and refining processes. Once the transformation has taken place, the salts are marketed in different forms and types, based on the market of reference.


The activity of the Metal Bank confirms the circularity model which distinguishes the Valmet group. Following the procurement of the raw material, in compliance with ethical principles for everything concerning its origin, the process continues with the related treatment and again with the recycling and recovery of waste. Operations that involve the Refining and Ecology divisions for the management and disposal of non-recoverable waste.
A model that combines profit and circularity for a development which increasingly takes into account ethics and environmental sustainability.

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) has officially awarded Valmet srl its RJC certification

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international non-profit organisation, founded in 2005 by a group of 14 organisations representing the entire diamond and jewellery sector. The RJC is governed by a Board of Directors and assisted by various Committees, for each sector of interest. Management of its activities is entrusted to a team with offices in Australia, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom. The RJC welcomes Member companies of all sizes, belonging to any sector in the gold and jewellery chain, including trade associations.

Its mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental standards and practices in observance of human rights along the entire supply chain of the diamond, gold and platinoids sector, from mining to retail. The goal of RJC Members is to protect the integrity of the jewellery sector and to encourage sustainable development throughout the supply chain, i.e. respecting social and environmental equity in the diamonds, gold and platinoids industry, from mining to retail.